Sunday, 30 May 2010

a confession....

i have a little confession to make! yes you heard me! a confession! i have an addiction and i don't know what to do! i have very recently discovered a passion.
a passion for anything and everything VINTAGE! so if your passing by a car boot sale or a thrift shop, do pop by and say hello, as you'll probably find me there! these are some of my recent finds!!!
this wonderful childrens game (all about nature)

this oh so lovely teapot (which is soon to become a plant pot)

these two wonderful dishes, which are sitting pretty on my kitchen shelf

this exquisite crocheted blanket (oh yeah did i not mention, crochet is another new obsession of mine, and as i can't crochet myself, i try to keep an eye out for anything crochet!)

and last but no means least this retro alarm clock (come on, look at it, how could i leave that behind?)


  1. As salaam alaikum,

    Insha Allah, I challenge you to try and learn to crochet. It would be great for you and the children. I am attempting to learn many "domestic" things right now myself. Let's do this together!

  2. sis i wouldn't know where to start

  3. mashaAllah great finds!! yes do learn, I learned recently too, it really is quite simple... I find it easier than knitting :).. I used a crochet how-to CD my mother gave me for Eid.. check your local library I'm sure they have a selection of books :D is also a good resource!

  4. The only disadvantage to crocheting is that it uses 30% more yarn than knitting. So, learn both, insha Allah.

  5. jazakkallah khair sisters for the tips, i know how to knit,my mum taught me when i was quite young, tried to do some with my kids last winter but they got a little frustrated, so we put it away for later on, will give you an update on how my crocheting is going asap inshallah