Wednesday, 26 May 2010

creative recycling

i don't like throwing things away, i try to make my children aware of how our lifestyle can have a bad effect on our planet, and so recycling is something quite important in our household, by donating clothes, bags and shoes it makes my children realise how much they have, compared to people living in poorer countries, it also fulfills their obligation of giving to charity, and it gives them that satisfaction of knowing that they have helped someone by donating these things. but i'm not just talking about clothes and shoes, oh no, we also try to recycle our everyday things, one way we do this is by collecting a few of these items and making a craft project out of it!

so this time we have a submarine, but this is not just any old submarine, this is a submarine that can turn into a speed boat and when its really necessary, it has secret wings which come out and it can fly!

we also have a robot, but this special robot serves another purpose, this robot doubles up to be a stationary holder! isn't that clever mashallah


  1. Those turned out great! So creative! I'm glad you stopped by...I'm your newest follower.

  2. MashaAllah very creative! I'm looking forward to when my daughter gets a little older and can come up with these kinds of ideas :)

  3. thank you for stopping by...hope we can bring you more inspiration!!!

  4. they look great sister, salam alaikoum!