Sunday, 16 May 2010

the simple things in life

hi everyone, unfortunately, things are no better at my end, so i thought i'd re-post some of my favourute OLD posts (hope you don't mind)

recently i have been really inspired by a certain sister , she lives in the morrocon mounitains, many miles away from civilisation (as they would say), she doesn't have access to all the shopping malls and fastfood joints that we who live in so called civillised parts of the western world are so used to, this sister makes new out of the old, she makes beautiful handmade objects, which are made out of love and resemble personality, this sister has really made me appreciate the simple things in life! i will be adding more personal touches to my home inshallah

and we have started off with these lanterns!!!there's something quite magical about sitting in the evening with these handmade lanterns lit up, reading a quiet bedtime story to my children.

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  1. salam alaikoum sister, subhanallah thanks for leading me to your blog and I am happy to see that mine inspired you in such a nice way. may you have lots of candlelight evenings with your kids, masalama, itto