Sunday, 30 May 2010

a confession....

i have a little confession to make! yes you heard me! a confession! i have an addiction and i don't know what to do! i have very recently discovered a passion.
a passion for anything and everything VINTAGE! so if your passing by a car boot sale or a thrift shop, do pop by and say hello, as you'll probably find me there! these are some of my recent finds!!!
this wonderful childrens game (all about nature)

this oh so lovely teapot (which is soon to become a plant pot)

these two wonderful dishes, which are sitting pretty on my kitchen shelf

this exquisite crocheted blanket (oh yeah did i not mention, crochet is another new obsession of mine, and as i can't crochet myself, i try to keep an eye out for anything crochet!)

and last but no means least this retro alarm clock (come on, look at it, how could i leave that behind?)

Saturday, 29 May 2010

30 days of beauty....#5

the Qur'an is beautiful in so many ways

Whoever recites Surat al-Kahf on Friday, light shall shine forth for him between the two Fridays. [Ibn Hajar, Talkhis al-Habir]

Friday, 28 May 2010

a prayer

i just found out that a relative of mines six year old child has drowned and died, inna lillahu wa inna ilahi rajiun (from Allah we have come and to him is our return)! i find it really difficult to come to terms with a death when it has happened so suddenly and tragically such as this one! the hardest thing for a mother is probably losing your own child, but when it happens in this way, it must make it so much worse. when a death happens through illness, you can give yourself a reason as to why it has happened, you can tell yourself that it has happened through no fault of your own, but when a healthy, happy, six year old drowns it's just hard to except.
i just want to say to all the mothers who have gone through this or are going through this, it is not your fault! life and death is from Allah alone, there was nothing you could have done to prevent this, may Allah grant you sabr (patience) and sakeena (tranquility) in your heart and help you to get through it!

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

creative recycling

i don't like throwing things away, i try to make my children aware of how our lifestyle can have a bad effect on our planet, and so recycling is something quite important in our household, by donating clothes, bags and shoes it makes my children realise how much they have, compared to people living in poorer countries, it also fulfills their obligation of giving to charity, and it gives them that satisfaction of knowing that they have helped someone by donating these things. but i'm not just talking about clothes and shoes, oh no, we also try to recycle our everyday things, one way we do this is by collecting a few of these items and making a craft project out of it!

so this time we have a submarine, but this is not just any old submarine, this is a submarine that can turn into a speed boat and when its really necessary, it has secret wings which come out and it can fly!

we also have a robot, but this special robot serves another purpose, this robot doubles up to be a stationary holder! isn't that clever mashallah

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

30 days of beauty...#3

glass painting

i bought some glass paints a while back, so we decided to give them a go, it was great fun!

Monday, 24 May 2010

just another day...until...

it was just another day, yep thats right, there was nothing special about this day, we got on with our usual activities, ate the same sort of food, played the normal games, read the same books, thats right, just the same old thing.....until we decided to go for a evening stroll. it was a wonderful warm evening, the sun was setting, it was the perfect time for a stroll on this long hot spring evening, while we were walking in our park we saw the usual things, we saw ducks, swans, geese, coots, yes thats right just the normal things that we see everyday.....and then all of a sudden we see a small movement on the ground, there was something there, we went closer and closer...and to our sheer amazement we saw a......hedgehog....yeah you heard me, a real, cute, shy little thing...we called him spikey

we love spikey!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

goodbye weekend....

every weekend i plan to stay at home and do all my cooking and cleaning for the week ahead, so during the week i have more time to spend with my lovely kiddies, but when the temperature is 25 degrees+ how can you stay indoors? IMPOSSIBLE! so once again the housework has been pushed aside to make way for....



face painting

and lots and lots of laughing, loving, and living Alhamdulillah

Friday, 21 May 2010

30 days of beauty....#2

a walk in the park

we woke up this morning and the whether was absolutely glorious
mashallah, so we decided to go for a walk,
did we have a nice time? well, the pictures speak for themselves!

don't know if you can see but there a little babies in the nest!!!

blowing dandylions

family of geese

a mommy and her babes

and what would a visit to the park be without a little bit of play