Thursday, 10 June 2010

salah lapbook

i wanted my daughter to start offering her salah as soon as she turned 7, so i started teaching her all the rules a couple of months prior to the big day. we also planned to have a party and mark this time as a major event in her life (starting to offer your salah five times a day is a major thing for everyone), but i didn't want my daughter just to learn the rules, surahs etc but i wanted her to know why we pray! we did this through a lapbook!

here she has drawn a picture of a tree with leaves falling off and related it with the hadith of our prophet (pbuh) when he said, that when you offer your salah sins drop off you like leaves drop off a tree (i am not using the exact words)

a list of all the salah times

she made a mini book with pictures of masjids, prayer mats and other things

my son also made a mini book to go inside the lapbook

we got our resources from the talibdeen jr website!


  1. Masha'allah, love the lapbooks. I can't wait until my kids are a little older so we can try these.

  2. Your project with your kids was great for thier age and for me i hope i learn something too