Monday, 28 June 2010

are we there yet?

are we there yet? a quetion that gets asked a gazillion times when we're out with our children and the journey is taking longer than fifteen minutes! recently i found myself asking the same question about summer 'are we there yet'.......i have found my answer.....

Friday, 25 June 2010

sink or float?

we made a little boat today and sailed t in our bath tub, how exciting! my son absolutely loved it, we played a sink or float game with objects from our bathroom, i let him guess, it got him very excited, amazing how much fun you can have with a few bits of recycled objects!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

cooking with kids....

one thing i love to do is cook with my children! why? because they love it and it gives them so much pleasure! and not forgetting the fact that you learn so many skills while your cooking.....

....but after all that hard grafting in the kitchen, you can sit down to a wonderful meal! and whats better than sitting down round the table with the people you love the most!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

the simple things.....

what my kids were doing today reminded me of my childhood, pretend cooking with grass, leaves and flowers was a favourite of mine, well i did grow up in a time when mobiles, ipods, mp3's, computers were very rare! nice to see my children enjoying the simple things in life.

here are a few captured moments from today...

cup cakes

we haven't done any kind of baking in quite a while, so when i suggested we make cup cakes today, it got everyone very excited!

i wanted to decorate them with icing sugar and sprinkles but the cupcakes didn't hang around long enough! maybe next time inshallah

Thursday, 10 June 2010

prophets in islam

we started learning about prophets in islam a few weeks back (before i started blogging), we are really lucky in that we have so many children's books available with stories from the qur'an and the lives of the prophets, so as well as utilising these books we have been making posters, the little ones can get involved in the colouring and decorating and the older ones can write all the facts all over the poster (we have written things like he was beautiful, he was thrown in the well) for yusuf (as), my daughter usually doesn't like writing but when she was making this poster she wrote so many facts without even moaning once! i think that means she enjoyed herself.

it's dinner time....

if you haven't already noticed then you definitely will in future! (your wondering what i'm talking about?) i'm talking about the fact that my children love doing any work that involves scissors, glue, paint, get my drift!

we were talking about our favourite foods and then decided to paint them on paper plates, it was really fun mashallah!

it led to all sorts of discussions, we talked about all the different colours, shapes, sizes that food come in and what kind of health benefits they have ( eg carrots are good for eyesight). it was a really nice activity, the kids loved it.

salah lapbook

i wanted my daughter to start offering her salah as soon as she turned 7, so i started teaching her all the rules a couple of months prior to the big day. we also planned to have a party and mark this time as a major event in her life (starting to offer your salah five times a day is a major thing for everyone), but i didn't want my daughter just to learn the rules, surahs etc but i wanted her to know why we pray! we did this through a lapbook!

here she has drawn a picture of a tree with leaves falling off and related it with the hadith of our prophet (pbuh) when he said, that when you offer your salah sins drop off you like leaves drop off a tree (i am not using the exact words)

a list of all the salah times

she made a mini book with pictures of masjids, prayer mats and other things

my son also made a mini book to go inside the lapbook

we got our resources from the talibdeen jr website!

30 days of beauty....#10

3...2....1...lift off

we went on a space adventure! we boarded our rocket and off we went!

as we zoomed off we could see the blue/green earth behind us, we waved goodbye and looked forward to see what lay ahead. as we went further and further away from the sun, it got colder and colder, we went past all the planets one by one, we almost got hit by flying asteroids, shooting stars and comets, when we zoomed past saturn we noticed that the rings are made up of bits of rock and ice, we went outside of our galaxy, to us it looked like a big bowl of ice-cream all swirling about, but then it was time to come back home, so we turned around and zoomed staright back to earth!

what did you do today?

30 days of beauty...#9

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

once upon a time......

once upon a was raining

it rained, and rained....
and rained.....
things were not improving, something had to be done, a potion had to be cooked up, something that would make everyone feel better.....ingredients....some hot chocolate

with a dash of comfy cushions and blankets......

and a sprinkle of books.....

add some children and a mommy, stir it well and devour, the outcome, happy children and a very happy mommy

the end.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


lapbooks are a great way to learn about any topic. we made one for spring, actually it was part of a competition for our homeschooling group, the majority of it has been done by my #1 who is seven with a little help from her brother, it's really nice that everyone can work together, and when it's spring again next year we can take our lapbook out and we have a wealth of information ready to be devoured.

this is the cover we have true or false questions placed inside an envelope

we have triangular shaped mini books, which have information such as flowers of spring, baby animals born in spring and animals that come out of hibernation

in the center we have printed off ayats of the qur'an related to the creation of the heavens and the earth etc
we also have names of the different seasons and a short poem written by my daughter

oh yeah, guess what, we won the competition, an added bonus alhamdulillah
coming soon...
our next lapbook, on the five pillars if islam