Thursday, 10 June 2010

prophets in islam

we started learning about prophets in islam a few weeks back (before i started blogging), we are really lucky in that we have so many children's books available with stories from the qur'an and the lives of the prophets, so as well as utilising these books we have been making posters, the little ones can get involved in the colouring and decorating and the older ones can write all the facts all over the poster (we have written things like he was beautiful, he was thrown in the well) for yusuf (as), my daughter usually doesn't like writing but when she was making this poster she wrote so many facts without even moaning once! i think that means she enjoyed herself.


  1. what a great idea! I am totally going to do this with my daughter inshaAllah once she gets a little older and knows how to write :)

  2. and the best thing is that you can hang it anywhere in the house to keep reminding yourself of the facts

  3. As salaam alaikum,
    I also like the idea of writing on the poster board. My girls might enjoy that, insha Allah.