Monday, 6 September 2010

ramadan lapbooks

our ramadan lapbooks are now complete, i waited and did them towards the end of the month so that the information that we put in the lapbooks has already been discussed at some other point previously in our day to day lives.

my sons one has the gates of jannah (open) and jahannam (closed), we made a paper chain to represent shaytaan (devil) chained up, and some quranic ayats and hadiths

my daughters has a mini book with the months in islam, a ramadan poem, a hadith, information on how rewards are multiplies 70 times and some other information about ramadan.

so for next year we ahve a wealth of information ready to devour well before ramadan even starts inshallah


  1. Masha Allaah, so nice to see each of your children doing their own and indeed taking the initiation do it, masha Allaah am sure you are proud of them. May Allaah bless them, Aameen.