Tuesday, 21 September 2010

skills for life

when i began home schooling my kids i was a little lost and confused as to what i was going to do with them, what curriculum i would follow etc, but one thing that i was definitely sure about was i wanted to teach them skills that they would need throughout their entire lives, such as sewing, cooking, cleaning, knitting, you get my drift, alhamdulillah we have been able to do many of these things and incorporate them into our everyday learning. to start them off sewing i bought these puppets, they have holes around the edges (making it a lot easier for the children) and plastic needles (very necessary to start off with i think), my daughter made a little scented cushion for herself, she filled it with Cotton wool and a few drops of perfume (essential oils would have been nice but we didn't have any).

how can you make puppets and not have a puppet show?


  1. Oh Masha Allaah very nice and easy. My daughter too wants to start sewing and am contemplating to do something with her, since she is only 3 need to think of some small stitching activity Insha Allaah. You have given me some idea to start with.. Thanks for sharing.