Wednesday, 29 September 2010

To-Do list

one thing that i have become a fan of after ramadan is making a 'To-Do' list. I've realised that having all the things that you want to get done, in a day or week, written down in front of you really helps you to achieve your goals. so beside my weekly list, we have made this daily one. it looks like a lot of things to get done, but remember, this is going to be done all throughout the day, not just in our 'schooling' hours inshallah. this list is hung on a door, where we can see it everyday.


  1. mashaAllah I love the hug and kiss part :) I also completed a weekly list but have yet to get around making a daily one, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Yes indeed sis having a to do list or a time table really helps you and very much less stressful masha Allaah, its doing well for us too and at the end of the day it seems very much productive masha Allaah.