Saturday, 18 September 2010

living in jacobean times

we went on another trip with our homeschooling group, this time it was to visit a house (house doesn't do it justice) from Jacobean times, i visited this place once when i was a child, as a child everything looked opulent, huge beds with plush bedding, pictures as big as the wall, rooms were deep, dark and mysterious, going there as an adult my experience was a little different, things didn't seem as big and mysterious this time round, not to put the house down in any way, because it is truly a beautiful and charming house (as you can see from the pictures hopefully! ever tried taking pictures holding a baby?), but i know my children loved the experience and felt just the way i did, alhamdulillah

we had guide to take us round, the kids listened, answered questions and filled in their worksheets and after all that hard work, there were some hands on activities to do, phew!


  1. Masha seems like a great tour! I bet all kids enjoyed. I always like to go to spooky places! Yet to go into one : )

  2. i know, my son wanted the three qul's read on him, it was pretty scary for him