Monday, 24 May 2010

just another day...until...

it was just another day, yep thats right, there was nothing special about this day, we got on with our usual activities, ate the same sort of food, played the normal games, read the same books, thats right, just the same old thing.....until we decided to go for a evening stroll. it was a wonderful warm evening, the sun was setting, it was the perfect time for a stroll on this long hot spring evening, while we were walking in our park we saw the usual things, we saw ducks, swans, geese, coots, yes thats right just the normal things that we see everyday.....and then all of a sudden we see a small movement on the ground, there was something there, we went closer and closer...and to our sheer amazement we saw a......hedgehog....yeah you heard me, a real, cute, shy little thing...we called him spikey

we love spikey!

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