Saturday, 18 June 2011


i had some delicious homemade biscuits with my tea today, but the best thing is that i didn't need to lift a finger to make them.

my daughter took the lead, and by following the step by step instructions from her book that she picked up from the library yesterday, she made these wonderful treats. the only thing i did was put them in the oven to bake!

i was so impressed, normally when we bake i do all the 'messy' jobs and let them do the stirring and mixing etc.

something that i realised is that, sometime we mollycoddle our children a little, but just by stepping back and giving my daughter some space, i realised that she is a lot more capable than i thought.

this idea (to get my daughter a cookery book and let her take the lead) was given to me by a sister when i complained that my children don't spontaneously read anything, i guess i was wrong, thanks sis.

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