Monday, 27 June 2011

the update

anybody wondering why our allotment hasn't featured on this blog a lot more? well that is because.....unfortunately things have not gone to plan in that department!

these courgette plants that you see below, have mostly been blown away by severe spells of wind.

my herb garden is virtually non existence, why? well the lavender refuses to get off the ground.

and the rosemary has lost the will to live.

and the rest of the space has been hijacked by these....

i am quite disappointed, but it is partly my fault, i haven't been giving this space the time and attention that it needs, and it definitely hasn't been the classroom that i had anticipated.

what i'm doing now is trying to make the most of the few things that have survived (will get pictures of those next time).

hopefully next year will be different, insh'Allah.

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  1. I remember our first year on the allotment, we barely grew a bucket of vegetables! It's a nurturing process, and as you nurture the plants, you nurture your own soul. There's nothing as cleansing as pulling out weeds, it gives you time to reflect and the satisfaction of a 'clean patch' to look back on at the end. It takes time, but you will grow with the plants and get the satisfaction you seek. May Allah make it easy.