Saturday, 20 November 2010

sunshine in the rain

i came across this book by accident, while i was looking for something, deep down in a drawer at my mums house. i asked everyone if they knew where it has come from but no one had a clue.

it has really interesting short stories like 'whale in distress' and 'the yeti' but what was really nice about the book was it little factual passages about things like 'plants that move' and 'the long tide'. this books covers history, geography, literacy, science and a whole lot more. we've done reading, comprehension, had loads of dicussions and have asked and answered hundreds of questions.

this little book has put a smile on the faces of the children and mine as well, especially through our miserable days, which were full vomiting, tummy aches and fever. i'm going to see if there are anymore in the series! can't wait!

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