Saturday, 27 November 2010

autumn/winter ice sculptures

after a very boring week of workbooks and worksheets, i decided to give the kids a break today. after a couple of hours of reading to each other and watching programmes about fishing and another about animals that live in holes, the kids went out to play. their discovery of this block of ice and leaves fascinated the children, and got them really excited, it also gave me some inspiration to make our own ice sculptures! so we got to work looking for whatever we could find that could go into our sculptures.

here's what we found

we arranged these objects in a glass

poured in some water

and left them in the freezer for a few hours

and voila, beautiful ice sculptures to admire, well for a few hours anyway.

the kids absolutely loved this activity, it was very exciting for them, they waited impatiently all day, checking if it was ready or not, i would definitely recommend this activity to anyone.



  1. As salaam alaikum,

    This is really cool, maashaa Allah. I can definitely see how most children would absolutely love this. Mine are always experimenting with trying to freeze/made something in the freezer.

  2. ws
    you should definately try it, the kids got a lot of pleasure out of this activity

  3. i love this idea.. im excited to try it inshallah :)