Wednesday, 4 August 2010

beside the seaside

i often imagine that i had a little cottage, my backyard would be a beautiful sandy beach, i would have chickens and my kids could run around freely without a care in the world. there is something special about being near the ocean, the sounds and smells, it really reminds me that there is someone greater and more magnificient, the creator.


  1. Assalamu aleikum

    Mashaa Allah, it seems many of us in the home ed group long for a life outside the city, where the kids can roam free and be safe. Keeping chicken (and even other animals), growing veggies, etc. Would the men be fishermen?

    Maybe there is some truth in that idea that home edders are hippies...!!?

  2. my husband would definatley be a fisherman, how else would we get hold of his daily intake of fish?
    p.s im definately a hippy at heart!

  3. lol!

    My husband would love to be a fisherman and eat seafood every day all day, or a farmer... lol.