Monday, 12 July 2010

around the world....

i absolutely love, love, love a bargain, especially something that benefits my homeschooling. i picked this really cool world chart up, the box that it came in was a little tattered plus it was on sale, so it was an absolute bargain! i bought it and put it away for a rainy day and totally forgot about it. the other day i was looking for something and this came out, you can imagine the look on the kids' face, they took it and started working on it immediately

there's a map separating the six continents, there are some clues written all around the board, you have to read the clue and find the right piece and place it in the correct part of the world
the best thing about it is that its magnetic so it can be done time and time again and when they get bored of it my little one can have a go

i have found a few other things on my searches (sticker books, picture dictionaries etc), i think we'll look into continents in more detail, maybe a lapbook or a poster, or maybe we can draw our own maps or look into one specific continent, whatever takes OUR fancy, the list is endless.

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