Wednesday, 9 November 2011

slime time

we made slime. no your ears are not deceiving you, we made slime! well the story is, my son picked up Richard Hammond's book on wacky experiments from the library, and guess which experiment he wanted to do first, of course, something that involves getting gooey and messy.

ingredients needed to make slime are cornflower and water, oh and food colouring (to make it look like professional slime).

cornflower amazed me, yep it amazed me. i couldn't believe how something could become hard and then become slime again just by mixing and touching it.  i know i'm not making any sense, you have to try it to know what i'm talking about.

i would definitely recommend this little experiment for any children who love getting their hands dirty. 


  1. Asalamualaikum minara,
    I have been eyeing up that book every time I get a Book People leaflet posted to me...I think I might just have to get it- the slime looks brillient. I can just imagine teh fun my kids would have.

  2. your kids will love it! you should definitely try.