Friday, 9 September 2011

space frieze

this has been a work in progress for long time now! but finally alhamdulillah we've got it on the walls.

the components of this frieze have been ready and sitting at the bottom of the drawer for months, the kids kept nagging me to put it up, and i kept telling them that we didn't have enough blue-tac, well it's true we didn't (uh-hum), but finally we got there, and it looks brilliant.

most of the planets are made from paper plates, and the larger ones are cut out from cereal boxes, the stars in the background were happily done by my kids who couldn't beleive that they were being allowed to splatter paint everywhere.

we will keep adding to it, inshallah, moons need to be added, may be some shooting stars and perhaps a rocket, and don't how long it will take us to 'completely' finish it, but for now, i'm just happy that it's up.


  1. Very nice masha Allaah. Great work

  2. This looks fantastic. I love the splattered paint effect. I'm thinking about doing space with my son...I'm very inspired!