Saturday, 26 March 2011

'signs of spring' walk

we went for a 'signs of spring' walk with our home-school group at our allotments and leisure gardens. it was an amazing day. the sun was shining 'bright', our allotments are very quiet and peaceful, we ate, relaxed, the kids played, picked flowers, climbed trees, grew seeds and searched for the signs of springs, of course.

pots made from newspaper which can be planted with the seed inside (genius, unfortunately i don't know how to make them)

frozen yogurt tubes (another spot of genius on another sisters part (wonder why i didn't think of this)

and at the end of the day.....need i say more.


  1. Masha Allaah looks so wonderful! Subhanallaah!

  2. Masha'Allah that blossom tree is sooo beautiful

  3. Masha-Allah how lovely. Got to say, will always miss those glorious British daffodils.

  4. beautiful spring blossom. In Oslo the trees are still bare...mashallah lovely blog!

  5. JZK for all your lovely comments