Tuesday, 8 February 2011

little explorers

in the very beginning, when i took my son out of school, during the first week we were a little lost. i had so many ideas in my head of what i wanted to do with him, but it was a little strange (in the beginning, that is). playing out became our saviour, football, tig and tag, or whatever really. what i always knew from the very beginning is that i wanted to awaken curiosity in my kids, so often i would take him by a tree or something of interest and say 'lets see if we can find anything interesting' and we would both get searching. the first fascinating thing we found was a tiny snail which had a spiral pattern on it's shell, this led us to drawing our own snails with spirals! but what i have noticed in my son is that, now, almost three years on, whenever he gets ready to go out to the garden to play, as well as his football, his bats, skipping rope, and Frisbee, he also takes his magnifying glass, and as he goes out he tells me 'i'm going to see if i can find anything interesting today' i think he may become a little explorer after all. Mashallah

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  1. salamunalaikum.

    Im happy to see u giving homeschooling to ur children.Its best education in my view.

    wooow i really love children's exploring activities.Really they are explorers.let them quench their curiosity doing such activities.

    May Allah bless their brains and make them a source of delight of ur eyes.